Preparing You for AI
Preparing AI for You
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Our mission is to align humanity and AI.

We perform AI research to align AI systems with human values.

We teach people skills to use AI in responsible and ethical ways.


Artificial Intelligence

We perform human-AI
alignment research.


Machine Learning

We teach machines how to
solve difficult problems.


Data Science

We use data science to
drive decision-making.


We perform AI research and provide free AI education resources.

AI Research

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AI Education

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AI Projects

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Our executive leadership team is:

Matthew Renze

President / AI researcher

Emily Roush

Treasurer / Grant Manager

Heather Wilde

Director / Advisor


Our current research is focused on using self-reflection in AI agents to improve their performance, trusthworthiess, and value alignment. Our educational resources have taught over 500,000 people how to use AI in responsible and ethical ways.

Matthew is the owner of Renze Consulting, a for-profit AI consulting firm.
He is the president of Serenze Global a 501(c)(3) non-profit for technology education.
Matthew is a graduate student in the AI Master's program at Johns Hopkins University.
He's also Microsoft MVP in AI, a Microsoft Regional Director, and an author

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